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dound 2007-03-27 03:14

no message

20 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (+20 -4)
dound 2007-03-27 02:18

improved checking

4 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (+4 -1)
dound 2007-03-27 00:04

no message

2 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (+2 -2)
dound 2007-03-23 22:21

Bug fix: testsUsed was not being populated in a LogicParser when parseString was called because it was spawning another LogicParser to actually do the parsing and that LogicParser contained the testsUsed.
Also, the logic_parser.jj now uses spaces (4) vice tabs.

958 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (+321 -314), logic_parser.jj (+637 -629)
dound 2007-03-14 01:03

Bug fix: multi-printing of line/column of the error was occurring.

4 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (+1 -1), logic_parser.jj (+3 -3)
dound 2007-03-09 01:36

Expanded the scoring language so that type can now be determined at (and is now validated at) runtime.

455 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (+217 -65), logic_parser.jj (+238 -61)
dound 2007-03-01 03:01

Two changes:
1) When count is called, the parser now figures out what tests it needs to add. This is neccessary since count may be the only reference to the tests and it won't get added to the needed tests vector (testsUsed) otherwise since count takes the test as a string corresponding to its test item identifier.
2) When a literal string was being parsed, the quote marks on either side were being included as part of the value. These are no longer included as part of the string.

79 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (+41 -9), logic_parser.jj (+38 -4)
dound 2007-02-23 23:40

updated the parser so it stores all referenced tests in a special variable so it is easy to figure out which tests need to be tracked for a given rule

36 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (+25 -21), logic_parser.jj (+11 -5)
dound 2007-02-20 22:42

Added parseString(String code) method to parse scoring language code into a LogicUnit data structure from a string.

36 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (+17), logic_parser.jj (+19 -2)
dound 2007-02-12 21:38

Package javadoc for cdx.scorebot.scoring.logic.parser

3 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: package.html (new 3)
dound 2007-02-12 21:34

The logic structure is now able to evaluate the scoring language code (in addition to parsing it). The structure has been split into code structures which are executive (execute other pieces of code or call methods which don't return values) and those which are evaluative (return some Literal value).
Literal is now a central class to this structure and is used heavily to transport information.
Still need to test and perhaps try to build type-checking into the lexical analyzer so that type mismatch errors aren't thrown only at runtime.

109 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (+48 -23), logic_parser.jj (+61 -25)
dound 2007-02-11 20:46

Integrated the scoring logic data structure with the parsing of the scoring language. Need to verify its correctness and then implement the methods which will actually execute the scoring logic from the data structure. It would also be nice to implement some more stringent rules in the parser to help with type-checking, etc. so that the user can learn about errors at compile-time vice run-time.

857 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (+337 -126), (+6 -10), (+73 -145), logic_parser.jj (+441 -100)
dound 2007-02-11 15:53

Scoring Logic data structure and parsing files added.
Files in cdx.scorebot.scoring.logic will be used primarily to store data once it has been parsed. The files in .parser are responsible for doing the lexical analysis and parsing of the scoring language code into the data structure. Presently, the parser can only verify the code syntax.

3091 lines of code changed in:

  • cdx/scorebot/scoring/logic/parser: (new 809), (new 115), (new 1013), (new 192), (new 439), (new 81), (new 133), logic_parser.jj (new 309)
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