Class ManualScheduler

  extended by

public class ManualScheduler
extends java.lang.Object

Stores a *copy* of test items in each TestSuite from the NetworkTestPackage being used to configure this TesterGUI's NetworkTester. These copies may be manipulated by the user and then manually scheduled. Because they are copies, they will not interfere with the test items in the original configuraiton which the NetworkTester is using to run.

Note: the TestSuites have a new Vector instance to contains its TestItems, because the new TestSuites must refer to the *copied* test items, not the originals. The copied TestSuites and TestItems share the same name and description strings as the TestSuite they were copied from because those will not be modified and also because the TestItem's name is how a scoring rule knows whether or not it needs to process a test.

The following are not copied or used: The ScoringResult in TestSuite, the TestSchedule in TestItem, and the Configuration in TestItem. The Configuration values will all be of STATIC type in the copied TestItem since it is only used for a single manual run.

David Underhill

Constructor Summary
ManualScheduler(NetworkTestPackage ntp)
Method Summary
 java.util.Vector<TestSuite> getTestSuites()
          gets the test suites which contain tests which can be manually run
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Constructor Detail


public ManualScheduler(NetworkTestPackage ntp)
Method Detail


public java.util.Vector<TestSuite> getTestSuites()
gets the test suites which contain tests which can be manually run