Packages ScoreBot front-ends Contains classes related to the Auditor. Contains classes related to the Configurer. Contains classes related to the Reporter. Contains classes related to the Score Compiler GUI. Contains classeses related to the Tester. Contains utility classes whose primary purpose is to maintain information about services, tests, test options, and test returns for other GUIs. Implementation of tests for various services and the framework which configures and executes those tests. Individual test implementations and the generic test framework; subpackages may have protected helper classes. DNS tests Email tests Tests which run on any Service Jabber tests Samba tests Webserver tests
cdx.scorebot.scoring The framework for scoring test results.
cdx.scorebot.scoring.logic Contains the data structures used to hold and process the information parsed by the Scoring Logic lexical analyzer.
cdx.scorebot.scoring.logic.parser Contains the Scoring Logic lexical analyzer and parser.
cdx.scorebot.util Helper classes.
cdx.scorebot.util.config Contains classes which define parameters to Tests. Logging utilities
cdx.scorebot.util.swing Swing utilities
cdx.scorebot.util.swing.binding Extensions of Java Swing components which "bind" to objects so that the object's value is automatically synchronized to the component's value.
cdx.scorebot.util.swing.binding.delegate This package contains delegates for various types of bound Java Swing components.
cdx.scorebot.util.swing.tree Components and classes which implement a JTree which contains checkboxes
cdx.scorebot.util.translator Contains classes which define translations between one type and another.